Learn composition writing only once and apply it every year

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FREE: Download our 134-pdf book '30 Composition Exercises and Models for Primaries 1-6' These are taken from our current and soon-to-be-published 'Master Composition Writing' workbooks (ebooks) for Primaries 1-6.

"Dear Mr Raja, "I have been achieving As and Bs for my English recently and I would like to thank you, as I would not have achieved so much if my parents had not enrolled me in your composition course in primary school. Glenn Tan"-- Sec 3 student

Learn to write compositions once

P2-P6 students, Sec 1 to 'O' level students and JC students need only learn how to write compositions, once in primary, once in secondary, and once in JC to apply it every year, in each level.

Composition writing skills need time to develop

Children learn best in a sustained learning time-period, not in one-off courses. Otherwise they forget what they've learnt.

We have specially-designed our courses to gradually build up their writing skills and confidence within 6 months. 

Students completing a lesson (with corrections) a week will complete the foundation course within 4-6 months, two lessons a week within 2-3 months, three lessons a week within 1-2 months.

How to score in composition writing

Our goal for students is to become confident, independent learners and exam-takers in composition writing. To do this, students need two things:

  1. They must want to do it
  2. They must gain confidence to score on any composition title or picture

Why love composition writing?

Motivation is key for doing anything. If students want to do something, they'll come up with every reason to support doing it; the same is true, if they don't want to do something. 

When students love composition writing they want to do it, want to do well in it and believe that they can do well in it. 

Students are nurtured to love composition writing in three ways: 

  • It is fun and exciting to write because they learn to write the way writers (like JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series) write
  • It is easy to learn because it is taught in a step-by-step way, each step building on the previous one, from basic to advanced techniques; and building up strengths and overcoming weaknesses along the way
  • They feel good about themselves because they are fully involved, as their creativity, imagination, writing talent and thinking skills are being drawn out and developed
  • The teacher, Mr Raja, loves writing and inspires students to love writing too

How students gain confidence to score on any composition title or picture

Complete, in-depth composition writing courses (not tuition) provide students, four ways to become confident. They:

  • Learn a proven method of writing compositions that always scores (There is no need to memorise compositions or words and phrases.) Read parents' and students testimonials.
  • First learn how to write compositions, then continue to practice and improve by writing a composition a week until 31st December 2014. Read what's special about our courses.
  • Learn to edit their work for composition, spelling, vocabulary and grammatical errors, so valuable marks are gained instead of lost (Teachers in schools assume that students learn from their corrected mistakes but from our experience they do not. The teachers' priority is to complete the syllabus, so they may not have time to ensure students correct their errors.). It entails more marking for us, but we are happy to do so, because in this way, students really learnRead our students' primary and secondary compositions.
  • Become fluent in the English language by reading the lessons to learn. This builds up their confidence in understanding the English Language in other subjects too. More importantly, it enables students to become independent learners and exam-takers. They build enormous confidence in their own ability to learn, apply and take exams on their own, without the aid of teachers. Read how assignments are marked.

This is why we guarantee higher scores or we'll refund the full fees.  

Download the first free lesson for PrimarySecondary and Junior College levels. It will give you a taste of how we conduct our courses. We'll also let you know how your child is doing in composition writing. There is no obligation to join our courses. Watch our Youtube videos.

A few students are selected for the composition writing courses

Since Mr Raja, the teacher, teaches and marks each lesson himself, we can only select a few children each month, to develop their learning and writing abilities. If we are unable to accept your son or daughter, we’ll be happy to put him or her on our waiting list. Therefore, to ensure a place for your son or daughter immediately, do register as early as possible. 

If you have any questions, please call 6581-0970 or email us, and we'll be happy to answer them.

We look forward with great pleasure to developing your children into brilliant high-scoring composition writers.

Wishing your young writer happiness and success always      

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