TriLife Communications

"After only three lessons my child's marks in the Continuous Assessment Test jumped from a score of 22 to 29 marks. The teacher also told my son his composition was the best he had ever written." -- Mrs Anuwar - Mother of a Primary 6 student.

Our mission

Raja and I both obtained our degrees (for Raja, 2nd class Honours in Philosophy, from the University of London and for me, a Distinction Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Management) with reading the lessons and doing the assignments/exams, with guidance from lecturers who were overseas.

It gave us confidence in self-learning and we have continued this habit of gaining information by reading. Reading has also fostered:

  • The love of the English Language
  • Hours of pleasure in reading fiction and non-fiction
  • New knowledge and growth
  • Improved quality of our lives

So we have decided to help students do the same with our courses.

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