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"The GP Essay Writing course has been highly beneficial for me. The focused and systematic approach employed made mastering the art of writing a breeze. What I liked best about the course was its pragmatic approach. The fact remains that JC students are too busy studying to follow the news regularly or read widely and this course was tailored well to meet the requirements of the typical JC student. Through this course, I learned to structure my thoughts well and to argue persuasively. I have also been able to experiment with different ways of writing rather than just sticking to one standard mode. Mr Raja has been an important reason for my improvement in GP. He has always been encouraging and has always pushed me to venture beyond my comfort zone. I feel quite privileged to have learned so much from such a well-experienced teacher. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to him. Thank you for everything once again" :) by a student who scored 'A' in GP in 2012

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